Algebra in the Real World DVD

Algebra in the Real World DVD
Professional Development

Teacher Talk is a professional development tool that cuts to the chase and gives you actionable tools. Something you can put to use in your next math class. It leaves behind theories and gets down to what works. It demonstrates what has been proven to work in real classrooms. All documented in these easy to grasp videos.

This set of four videos features master teacher Ms. Kay Toliver. She walks you through:

All this is within your easy reach and power to implement. Learn or relearn these methods. Get a fresh perspective on what works. Your personal growth, teaching skills, and your status deserve the boost you are looking for. 

The videos will rejuvenate your purpose as a teacher and boost your enthusiasm.

Ms. Toliver is an award-winning teacher. She has participated in and been awarded the following for her work:

The set includes a 56-page staff development guide

If you are not satisfied for any reason return the product for a full refund.


Individual teacher heavily discounted price $97 (subject to change).

School or institutional price $245. 

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More information about Teacher Talk:

Teacher Talk Episodes (set of 4 DVDs):

Hands-On Math – Ms. Toliver describes and demonstrates a “hands-on” approach to mathematics instruction. We observe her using a variety of strategies to encourage students to become actively involved in their classwork and take personal ownership of knowledge. In the accompanying narrative, Ms. Toliver and her students offer insights into subjects ranging from teamwork and planning to the need for rules in the classroom.

Mathematics and Communication – For Ms. Toliver, mathematics is a communication arts skill. In this program, she discusses and demonstrates the uses of speaking and writing as tools to develop—and assess— student understanding of math concepts. Other topics addressed include approaches to clarifying basic concepts, terms, and ways to create an atmosphere in which students can communicate freely.

The Math Trail – The “math trail” is an activity which awakens students to the mathematics that abounds in everyday life. Using concepts from their math curriculum, students create books of problems based on objects and events in their environment. At the end of the trail, students understand more about their curriculum and their community.  

Oobleck – “Oobleck” (from the Dr. Seuss book Bartholomew and the Oobleck) is the focal point of a classroom lesson that combines literature, scientific method, and imagination. Ms. Toliver and her students discuss and demonstrate how motivation to learn math concepts can result from strategies that encourage creativity and curiosity.



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