Inspire and Engage – STEM Education Tools

Foundation for Advancements in Science & Education (FASE) presents the first in a series of modules to help teachers inspire and engage their students in STEM education.

Over the years FASE has received funding from a variety of Federal agencies such as US Dept of Education, National Science Foundation, US Dept of Labor as well as private sector funding to support STEM education in America. This work has been recognized with several awards over the years and continues to this day through the Foundation’s streaming channel – The Futures Channel.

Teachers are provided with short STEM career videos along with related lesson plans which teachers can immediately use at no charge to engage their students in STEM studies with real world application. Beginning in 2022 the site is also available for access at home and for remote learn犀利士 ing.

This first in a planned series of modules has content in 3 career related categories:

    • Space Science

    • Design

    • Earth Science

The module also contains inspirational footage from the FASE archive of master teacher Jaime Escalante and some of his former students who are now in STEM related careers. This series of modules is part of a one-year campaign celebrating the 40-year anniversary of the 1982 class made famous in the film Stand & Deliver.

Click here to begin Module 1.