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When your students ask the inevitable question, "When would I ever use this?" answer it with a micro-documentary from the largest STEM video library of its kind --- The Futures Channel. Teachers tell us >>   “I like to motivate the students to learn math by showing applications for math and science in real life, and your videos are a valuable resource. You do a great job. Thank you..”  F.A. El Paso, Texas Math, Science, Technology, Engineering - - On Location, On Video, On Demand.    

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What Educators are Saying

"“The work you have produced to date is exceptional.” "

"Thank you for the wonderful videos"

"Wonderful possibilities for jobs for the future. Students need to be aware of these. Thanks!"

"I love the Futures Channel!!!”

"I recommended your site to the math and science teachers at my school."

"Students can see the real world implications of what we do here at school:"

"I have enjoyed Future Channel’s immense information."

"I just watched the video...awesome! "

"Excellent video for my students who are part of a STEM school:"

"Wow! This is a great way to get my students to think outside the box about possible careers and the relevance o fmath. Thank you!"

"Outstanding presentation"

"My students are the scientists and engineers of the future. They just need to know what is out there! Thanks!"

"These glimpses into math and science applications are very integral to motivating our 21st century learner:"

"Wow, that was powerful and fantastic!!"

"What impresses me is theteam building and support and talents that come from every employee involved in this project which is something I’m constantly trying to impress on the minds of my students"

"Fascinating video.” reat to show in class especially when discussing future careers."

"Great to show in class especially when discussing future careers."

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