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How to Use the Channel

  • Educators use our micro-documentaries to interest and engage STEM students.
  • The library contains 140 STEM videos that feature diverse professionals talking about use of math and science in what they do. They are 2 to 6 minutes long.
  • Over 200 lesson plans, each containing engaging activities that excite and enrich.
  • Students shouldn’t do their homework the night before, but why can’t you? Find the lessons and videos that fit with the CCS & NGSS standards you’re looking for, and have today’s lesson ready in minutes!
  • When your students ask the inevitable question, “When would I ever use this in life?” answer it with a micro-documentary from the largest STEM video library of its kind.

What Teachers Are Saying

“As a teacher and a media production specialist at the school district level, I am very impressed with the Futures Channel documentaries. They provide a critical link, view of the real-world application of knowledge that I want my students to strive towards as they learn about technology, art, math, and science in school. I cannot afford to take field trips to show my students all these interesting people and projects in action. Futures Channel does this in an inviting and exciting way.” -J.G

“With these videos, I can do more than tell students how math is used in the real world. I can show them what it really looks like in action.  These upbeat, creative, and informative videos grab students’ attention, plant a seed, and lay the groundwork for exciting and meaningful applications of mathematics in the classroom.  After watching Futures Channel videos, students have a more well-defined purpose and genuine interest in the mathematics they are studying.” -J. K 


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Premium level subscriptions are available to individual subscribers as well as entire schools and districts. Premium services includes our entire library such as Good Morning Miss Toliver, Living and Working in Space, Futures with Jaime Escalante and more as well as ongoing teacher training content and services.

Recent Videos

Krista Rigsbee, founder of Constructive Systems Inc., unveils solar-integrated outdoor classrooms. These innovative spaces merge STEM with education, emphasizing both sustainability and hands-on learning.


Krista & Tyler Rigsbee of Constructive Systems Inc. goes in-depth on Net+ learning environments, the importance of it to help improve the education of children, and how Constructive Systems Inc. leads the fields in Net+ classrooms.


NASA's Aaron Yazzie takes us into space and throughout history as he discusses the importance of diversity in science and why you should always reach for the stars.


Dr. Kingsley Abode-Iyamah shares a moving speech on the importance of mentorship and inclusion in the world of STEM and the significance of strength in helping others and believing in yourself.