Earthrise is a photograph of Earth taken from the moon. It shows earth and some of the Moon’s surface. It has become a symbol of one of the greatest explorations where humans journeyed to another planet, and looking back, saw their home.

In the words of one of the astronauts, Earth looked like it was “a grand oasis in the vastness of space.”

An inspirational video that combines science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

Depending on the age and understanding level of the students, it may be appropriate to define the following terms before watching the video:

– Lunar.

– Reconnaissance.

– Astronaut.

– Orientation.

– Orbit or orbiter.

– Scientific visualization – an image or video created with the use of computer graphics. It conveys data collected in various ways including the use of satellites. Scientists use this tool to better understand their data and to share this information with others.

Visualization of a hurricane

Possible questions for discussion:

Earthrise was a historic event. Describe a historic event that you know of and how does that compare to this event.

Give examples of the uses of science, technology, engineering, art, and math that might be needed to go into space or orbit the moon.

What does art have to do with scientific visualization and how does it help?

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