One possible reason for students lagging behind in math and science could be a lack of purpose.

This is often repeated in questions like, “When are we ever going to use this?”, “Why are we learning this?”, and other similar questions.

These students and others may not be making a connection between what they are being taught and its uses in real life.

Short engaging relevant videos can fill this gap.

To that end, we have put together a resource with 35 movies and accompanying lesson plans. The product consists of 3 DVDs that install on a PC or Mac. Each DVD has its own menu and accompanying lesson plans that are downloadable PDFs. This product is not designed for DVD players.   

Here is what one educator said about this tool: 

“I have used the videos and lessons as a teacher and have encouraged other teachers to use them as a Curriculum Facilitator. They are a great way to create a need for students to learn the materials you want to teach them. They are a great way to launch a unit and/or a lesson. The lessons provide an opportunity for a productive struggle. The videos are relevant and short enough to pique and maintain the interest of students.” J.A.

The videos show students that math and science are relevant to careers today, but not “boring”, “stuffy” careers like they imagine. Students will find themselves analyzing wind data from a wind turbine, comparing wind sail designs, and modeling water pressure in an aquarium. Each lesson plan includes teacher directions for easy implementation.

Start getting your students excited about math class, asking what they’re going to learn about today, and thinking about how they might use math in their future career paths.

Price is discounted from $115 to $95 (add $4 shipping).



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