STEM students often ask, “When are we ever going to use this?” Student interest and engagement is lost to the degree that this question is not readily and adequately answered.

One way to solve this is to show them a three to five-minute video of STEM professionals talking about how they use these subjects in the real world, on their jobs.

Futures Channel is a leading producer and publisher of real-world documentaries about careers and applications of science, technology, engineering, and math. Over 140 videos give educators tools to:

  • Use a video as a lesson and discussion opener.
  • Short videos so they are easy to fit into the lesson.
  • Videos as a medium invite student interest and engagement.
  • The videos are designed to invite participation.
  • The site also offers over 200 lesson plans with 4 to 5 activities each.

Subscriptions & licensing


School subscriptions: Provides remote student access from home to all the content. Access provided via a special version of our site set up specifically for the school. Secure and advertising free.
Small school (up to 250 students) $495 per year.
Medium school (up to 500 students) $995 per year.
Large school (over 500 students) $1495 per year.

For purchase orders and additional information email or call 800-979-1238

For district-wide access, County Education Office licensing, or purchase orders Contact us

Teachers tell us: 
“I like to motivate the students to learn math by showing applications for math and science in real life, and your videos are a valuable resource. You do a great job. Thank you.”  F.A. El Paso, Texas