Grade Levels: 4th Grade, 5th Grade,
Topics: Geometry (polygons)Patterns
Common Core State Standard: 4.OA.5,

· Polygon
· Pattern

Knowledge and Skills:

· Can apply the strategy “look for a pattern”
· Can identify/describe common polygons
· Can identify and describe patterns of shapes


A collection of polygons, cut from construction paper (make each polygon in a range of colors to give the students more choices for their patterns)

You may have students cut out their own polygons, using templates which you supply

Download the Teacher Guide PDF

Procedure: This activity can be done by students working individually or in teams of two.

Distribute the handout and review the definition of polygon and types of polygons. Then have the students carry out the instructions.

As an extension, try asking students to invent ways to write down the patterns that are in the necklaces. In this way they will learn something about notation (the symbols that mathematicians use in communicating)..

Polygon Necklaces

Here is a necklace made from polygons. Do you see a pattern?

Make your own polygon necklace. See if your friends can guess the pattern you used.