Grade Levels: 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade,
Topics: Percents
Common Core State Standard: 6.RP.3c, 6.RP.3d, 7.RP.3, F-LE.1c,
Knowledge and Skills:

· Can solve problems of the form x% of a = b when any two of the factors are known.


Use a copy machine with magnification/reduction capability to make 10 copies of each ad element in each of these sizes:

50%, 75%, 90%, 100%, 110%, 125%, 150%, 200%

If possible, the ad elements should be made with paper of various colors so the ad that the students create will be more interesting and visually appealing.

Download the Teacher Guide PDF


Arrange the class in teams of two or three students each. Hand out the “Pete’s Pizza” instruction sheet and “ad parts” sheet to each team.

Discuss the instructions for the activity and ensure that students understand that they are to create an ad using the elements given.

Students are to design their ads without looking at the reduced and magnified elements which you have made. Rather they should measure each of the elements they want to use, choose a percent reduction or magnification, compute the “ad” size of the element, and sketch it in on a blank sheet of paper at that size.

Verify that the students have correctly filled out their charts and sketched their ads, and that all of the elements they want to use will fit in their ad at the sizes they have selected. Then give them the elements they have chosen in the sizes they want (from the copies you have made) and have them create their ad by pasting them on a new blank sheet of paper.

Note: Students will need to decide how to measure the size of the objects. They may choose any dimension they wish (length, width, diagonal distance, diameter, etc.)

In addition to giving students practice in computations involving percent, this activity will help students develop their “percent sense”.


Pete’s Pizza

You have been given the job of creating a magazine ad for Pete’s Pizza Restaurant. The ad is to be one full page in size (8 1/2” by 11”).

On the next page are possible parts of the ad. You must choose the ones you want to use, and decide how much bigger or smaller they should be in the ad.

Fill out the table below to show which items you want in your ad and how much bigger or smaller they will be. Then make a drawing of your ad, showing how you think it will look.

After you complete your drawing, your teacher will give you the parts that you need in the right size for your ad, and you can paste them on a new sheet of paper to finish it.