Grade Levels: 3rd Grade, 4th Grade,
Topics: StatisticsUse a Chart or Table
Common Core State Standard: 6.SP.4, 6.SP.5a, 7.SP.1, 7.SP.5, 7.SP.6, 7.SP.7,

· Chart

Knowledge and Skills:

· Can apply the strategy “use a chart or table”
· Understands the purpose and value of organizing information in charts

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Procedure: Students can do this project individually or in teams of two.

Hand out a copy of the activity sheet to each student. Have students read it and then, as a class, discuss the activity to ensure that all students understand the problem they are being asked to solve.

In particular, discuss the idea of “organizing” data and ensure that students understand that “organize” means to arrange things or information so they are easy to use.

Have students begin work on the activity, and circulate to help as needed. Once they have completed the chart, remind students that they still must decide what advice to give Leon.

Once all students have completed the activity, ask them to tell what advice they would give, and why.


My Favorite Pie

Eddie’s friend Leon owns a restaurant. Leon wants to add pie to his lunch and dinner menus, so he asked some of his customers to tell him their favorite kind of pie.

Here are the answers they gave him. Use the chart to help him organize his data.

Mr. Trulli, a lunch customer: “Apple”
Ms. Dragony, a dinner customer: “Apple”
Mr. Davis, a dinner customer: “Lemon Meringue”
Ms. Lokken, a lunch customer: “Peach”
Mr. Jay, a lunch customer: “Lemon Meringue”
Mr. Monahan, a dinner customer: “Apple”
Ms. Ruiz, a lunch customer: “Lemon Meringue”
Ms. Moran, a dinner customer: “Apple”
Ms. Coleman, a lunch customer: “Lemon Meringue”
Ms. Fair, a dinner customer: “Blackberry”
Mr. Steelman, a dinner customer: “Apple”


What do you think he should do with his menus?