Grade Levels: 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade,
Topics: Estimation
Common Core State Standard: 4.NBT.3,


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Hand out the sheets one to a student (or one to a group if you wish students to work together). Have students work out their answers to questions 1 to 4 (no more than five minutes allowed for this). Allow students to discuss these questions with each other while working them out. Then have some of the students present their answers and their reasoning.

Discuss the definition of “Estimate”.


How Many Bugs?

1. About how many bugs are here (DON’T count them all)? ____


2. How did you get that answer? __________________________________________________

3. How many students do you think there are in this school? ____

4. Why do you think so? __________________________________________________


Estimate: To make a good guess about how much of something there is, based on what you know.