Grade Levels: 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade,
Topics: Stoichiometrychemical equations
  • simple balancing of chemical formulas
Knowledge and Skills:
  • Conservation of matter and energy
  • Basics of chemical formula notation
  • Knowledge of molecular ball and stick models

Paper and pencil

Download the Teacher Guide PDF

Procedure: This project should be done by students individually or in teams of two or
Remind students of our world’s natural resources. Ask them to give you some examples
(water should be one of them). Discuss with students situations in which natural
resources can be consumed in ways that do not replenish them. Introduce the idea that
new technologies can change the way we live and extend the life of our natural
Watch The Futures Channel Dynamic Water video. Discuss what effect their new water
treatment technology might have on the world. What does it mean for crops, waste
water management, drinking water, etc? Explain to students that there are many job
opportunities in fields which bring about new technologies through the use of science
and more specifically, chemistry.
If students have not studied chemical formula balancing in stoichiometry in a while,
review the steps and notations as well as ball and stick molecular modeling before
having them do the hand-out below.
Give students the hand-out.



See page 2 on the pdf for the Student Handout.