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Kay Toliver takes you through a first person account of the fundamental principles of her teaching methods and techniques used in her classroom. This article was first published in the Journal of Negro Education in 1993.

Kay Toliver Bio

Kay Toliver Bio

“My educational philosophy is simple: All students can learn. It is a teacher’s job to expand minds and take children from the known to unknown.”
– Kay Toliver

Kay Toliver

A Conversation with Kay Toliver

“I have always believed that the best way to get children to learn is to make their studies relevant to the world outside the classroom. Now, if one of my students gets excited about something I am teaching, he or she can use the Internet to research how that particular kind of math is used in the world.”
– Kay Toliver

Kay Toliver Lessons

Kay Toliver’s Classroom Lessons

Selected video clips from the staff development series that are both a companion to The Eddie Files and a unique visual library of compelling hands-on lessons you can use in your own classroom.


Eddie FilesThe Eddie Files with Kay Toliver:
Sleep Like a Dog

For the first time ever online, watch an episode from the acclaimed, Peabody Award-winning classroom series. It’s about length and area, a bulldog named Hector, an eccentric Italian director, and, of course, Kay Toliver and “Eddie.” This 22-minute episode is a staff favorite! Enjoy!

Articles by Kay Toliver

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