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The Department of Astrophysical and Planetary Sciences is one of the few programs that combines both astrophysics and planetary science, providing a unified view of space sciences; the solar system and comparative planetology; stellar and galactic astronomy; and cosmology. Students are given hands-on experience with telescopes, optics, instrumentation, and computer image processing and modeling.


On his university home page Dr. Cash states, “My research is in the area of developing new space instrumentation for astrophysics. I have worked in x-rays, ultraviolet and visible bands. Currently I am concentrating on Starshades, a concept I invented and have been developing for flight with the goal of performing spectroscopy on habitable planets around nearby stars. The goal is to search for biomarkers, moving forward the search for life in the Universe.”




The LPI Summer Intern Program in Planetary Science held in Houston


Degree Programs


Bachelor of Arts in Astronomy

Graduate Studies


What can you do with an astronomical and planetary science degree?


Career Outlook


K-12 STEM teaching positions, science and technology journalism and writing careers, and technical careers involving statistical data analysis or computer programming or technical positions supporting space and research industry and policy.