Kay Toliver Classroom Lessons

The Apartment

Using the concepts of area and square unit, students get to design their own apartment. Watch Kay Toliver deliver a portion of the Length and Area Activity in her own classroom.
Running time 3:21 minutes.

Candy Graphs

Figuring out how many pieces of candy are in a large jar calls for some tasty data collection and analysis.
Running time 2:32 minutes.

Green Thumbs

Math and science converge as the students of Miss Toliver’s class discover some of the variables involved in growing plants.
Running time 4:52 minutes.

Mix and Match

Choosing an outfit can be an exercise in applying the counting principle.Concepts of probability and outcome are covered.
Running time 2:23 minutes.


Students construct polyhedrons from polygons.

Running time 2:35 minutes.

Popcorn Drop

This statistics activity is based on a game in which the pieces can be eaten.
Running time 3:10 minutes.

The Tinkertoy Derby

A “tinkertoy derby” offers a tool to help bring the concepts of distance, time and speed to life.
Running time 2:09 minutes.

Triangles in Architecture

Why is the triangle such a prevalent shape in the design of bridges? Geometric figures are constructed then tested for rigidity and the answer becomes quite clear.
Running time 2:32 minutes.

The Eddie Files

Aunt Rosa’s dog, Hector, displays true talent when he is cast for a commercial by an eccentric Italian director. The biggest surprise is the amount of math used by people who design and make television and movie sets.
Running time 22:00 minutes.


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