Algebra in the Real World DVD

Algebra in the Real World DVD
Environmental Literacy

It can take years to plan and engineer these state-of-the-art wind farms. It’s a problem-solving process that draws on an understanding of algebra, geometry, kinetic energy, etc. to turn one of our most abundant resources into a viable business.
Running time 06:32 minutes

Questions to highlight California Environmental Principles (CEP)

Why does creating wind energy have to be a business? (CEP 2, 3, 4,& 5)

What factors are looked at before setting up a wind farm? (CEP 1 & 2)

What factors in the environment are improved by wind farms? (CEP 3 & 4)

What role do computers play in wind turbines? (CEP 4)

How is a wind turbine different from a fan?

If the base of a wind turbine has a diameter of 52 ft. what is the base’s circumference and what is its area? (CEP 5)

There are 150 turbines on a small farm. If a single wind turbine cost $3 million to install, how much did it cost to install all the turbines on this farm? (CEP 5)

Subject: Science
Topics: Physical Science
Grades: 7 – 12

Download Lesson Plans: Energy from Thin Air


Creating wind energy is a business because there is a cost to build and maintain wind turbines as well as the land the turbines are built on.

How much wind blows, how often wind blows, the size of the blades of the wind turbine, how much land area there is.

The wind is clean energy, no emissions, we will never run out of the wind

Senses and monitors the air/wind flow which controls/directs the wind turbine.

A turbine uses wind blowing at it to turn its blades which makes electricity. A fan uses electricity to turn its blades to create wind.

Circumference= approx. 163.28 (formula is 52×3.14). Area= approx. 2,122.64 (formula is 52/2[squared] x 3.14)

450,000,000 (formula is 150 x 3 million)


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