Algebra in the Real World DVD

Algebra in the Real World DVD




Testimonials Received From Educators:

I have enjoyed using the clips with my students. The clips are engaging and informative. The Futures Channel video clips are just long enough to introduce a career to a student and get their interest. They make great introductions/warm-up exercises and often serve as springboards to a lesson.

Thanks for your help!



I really do love your movies. I became aware of them about 5 years ago and have used them as a counseling tool for my class guidance lessons. They are relevant, informative and the kids love them !!! THANK YOU !!! for being available and for making those wonderful movies.



As a school counselor presenting career lessons, I’ve found the work of the Future’s Channel to be the best resource highlighting a variety of careers which focus on problem solving and the use of math and science skills! Each program is brief enough (under 10 minutes) to use in a classroom to support the lesson and offers much insight in a very student-friendly way. (Adults are captured by the programming too as am I.) Each video’s photography is phenomenal as is the very professional narration of the workers enthusiastically sharing their work. I most highly recommend this resource covering a broad range of topics for career work in the classroom and for teachers showing how academic skills can be applied.

PS. And the company’s customer support is pretty awesome also!

Again, with large thanks!!!



“As a math teacher, one of the most common questions I get from my students is, “When are we ever going to use this stuff in real life?” I have found that a great way to answer this question is through the Future Channel videos, which are excellent at bridging the gaps between math concepts learned in the classroom and their real world applications. These videos are short, so I can quickly show one during a class period without it interfering with instructional time. Additionally, the lesson worksheets that accompany the videos provide an extra resource that helps reinforce the concepts and relate them to various real life topics. The best part of the Future Channel videos is that my students pay attention throughout the entire duration, and this engagement naturally leads to a class discussion about how the videos relate to the concepts I am teaching.”



I love the videos to show my students how they will use Math in their future careers. It also show my students the differrent careers they can chose from first hand. Love this site!



I have been sharing Futures Channel videos for a few years with my Algebra & Pre-algebra students and use many of your activities. I am now teaching the STEM classes at the school and am excited to see what you have available!



Comments I really enjoyed watching real-world math video. My students recently completed their geometry unit for finding areas. I will show this video to them tomorrow.



I love your movies! It is a great way for teachers to connect algebra to real life.



I enjoy showing these clips to my math students to ”illustrate” math in the real world.



Great motivator for High School Trigonometry and Statistics.



I picked out some great activities from the Cheetah video to relate to my Statistics class. They are open ended, and I could modify on of the activities to reinforce standard deviation and variance. The Bose video hooks my trig kids on graphing trig functions. 

This is the best thing going to bring the real world into your Mathematics classes.

I give The Futures Channel’s videos and activities my highest recommendation. In my 15+ years of being a high-school Math teacher, I have found nothing that excites students more than the motivating videos and activities so expertly produced by this company.



I am looking for ways to demonstrate how important math is when students grow up and gain interest from them. Many of my students are disinterested in learning algebra or any other type of math. I think that the videos I have seen on your site may help my efforts!



I very much liked that one because it’s amazing what Chuck Hoberman does and what he creates out of simple shapes! 

Thanks to the whole team for keeping interviewing people from so many different fields of work! It’s a great job you are doing and I really appreciate that!



Good to see a female.



I wanted to thank you again for your video. I used it in all of my math classes and my engineering class. It is very well done and I love how I could find clips to support what we were doing in class. Plus, because they are short and specific in the area they are addressing I could easily plug them into specific lessons. I had to smile ~ I showed several over several days ~ the day I did not show one the students asked for one. You should be very proud. They lead into a nice discussion at the end of applying what we are learning to real life examples.

Thank you and keep up the inspiring work.

Enjoy a wonderful summer.



Very nice and a great example of how math is used in the real world. Since the lessons are about measuring volume, too bad they don’t mention that specifically or how it is measured for use in the aquariums. Thanks for the great idea to bring this into my classroom. I teach in Izmir, Turkey at an international school, so its great to have this resource.



I like to motivate the students to learn math showing the application of math and science in real life, and your videos are a valuable resource. You do a great job. Thanks.


This will be a great resource for my session on Hydroponics for high school students



Love it!



Awesome vid, my students used roller coasters to undertstand potential and kinetic energy and g-force last year. This will be a great addition to our sources!



It so very cool



Undersea Treasure

I am finishing up my bachelor’s degree for elementary education. I am actually in a math education class now and studying how to relay to students how probability can affect their lives. I absolutely loved this video showing how mathematics helped discover sunken treasure!!


Love your lesson plans


It is an extremely informative and student-friendly movie which will outline, in basic terms, how the business of “wind powered energy” works.


(Science Teacher – AUSTRALIA)


The future is awesome! Thanks for sharing!



I have thoroughly enjoyed sharing your videos with my students. My students think they are great! One comment “When I get a real job, I am going to make one of these videos to show how math is used”. Is there a way to view the videos that are not currently showing?



I love your site it is very applicable to showing students the necessity of math in all areas of life.



Nice work you have done with the web



I like that this is current and it have interdisciplinary application



I was just introduced to your site by a retired teaching colleague. You have a great resource for the subjects I teach in my lab.





Looks very interesting!! I have all at risk kids and trying to find content to engage the students.

Thank you!!



Have used and loved the Futures Channel’s videos and activities for years!



We love your site! We wondered if you catered to homeschool families as well. What are your fees? Thank you for any information you can provide.



I like how you guys are soo well into your work and i’ve always wanted to work with animals myself and hopefully someday ill be able to work with animals vie never imagined i would get to see

C.M. – student


That is so amazing what emotions music can invoke in you! I loved how he explained that music is just patterns played in specific ways.



My students love to see how algebra is everywhere !!!



This is a great tool for educators!



I have used futures channel videos for several years. I teach in a rural area and I feel that it gives my students a view of how math can be used in careers and also gives them ideas on careers that are available. I would LOVE to have a subscription because I would like to be able to show the videos that go along with the math concepts I’m currently teaching instead of only having certain ones available. Thank you SO much for access to this site. 

It is a valuable resource!!



We just did a science lesson on force and shapes in our homeschool classroom. This clip was excellent for showing my student how the concept works in real life. Thanks!



Great opportunity for students to see real world applications of skills.



I am a retired math teacher. I love all movies at this site and this one is excellent teaching material to incorporate into teaching



Academically Gifted Teachers are very important in being sure that the STEMS programs are exposed to learners. Future Channel is instrumental in this goal.



“The Futures Chanel has been a wonderful resource for all of my high school math courses, from basic to advanced. With these videos, I can do more than tell students how math is used in the real world, I can show them what it really looks like in action. These upbeat, creative, and informative videos grab students’ attention, plant a seed, and lay the groundwork for exciting and meaningful applications of mathematics in the classroom. After watching Futures Channel videos, students have a more well defined purpose and genuine interest in the mathematics they are studying. I would strongly recommend these videos for any high school math teacher who has ever been asked “when are we ever going to use this?”



Thank you. I love these videos. I think children need more connections to the real world to make their learning relevant to their interests and their lives.



Love them for math!



Love the videos! Can’t wait to see more. I always need high interest videos that relate to the real world and help students understand why they have to learn the things that they do in high school.



I love your videos, they are difficult to upload sometimes here in Morocco, but when I can, they are great!


I am glad I have found you again.






Maglev Trains

This video really helped me with a geography project.
(Gr. 7)

Nathan – student


Thanks for putting these on the web. I used them to get middle school math students interested in a career. Awesome!!



Used it with my high school art class to explore careers in art, very helpful!



Love this resource have visited for years



Reality for the students



All movies are great and lesson plans so helpful. Thank



Your activities and movies will enhance my 6th grade math curriculum perfectly. My district is beginning plans to get more hands-on, creating, problem solving approaches to real life math. Thank you so much.



Great cross-curricular movie!



The surface of mars

It helped understand more of mars planet

G.S. – Student


I truly appreciate having the subscription as it is a great asset to my classroom and a tremendous learning tool for my students!



My students and I enjoyed watching Futures channel to show how Math is used in numerous professions or applications.

I hope to sign up again next year.



“Please keep those informative videos coming. What a great way for the kids ( and for us big kids) to learn about which vocations and occupations and future interests are out there for them. A great motivator for putting the effort into learning and exploring now while they are still in



“I loved this movie about keeping the old electronic hardware out of our environment, breaking down their parts and making them useful again. The kids will be inspired too, because they also are aware of how fragile our planet is and how much we love and need it.”



I love the STEM approach to teaching and would love to have access to your videos to combine the applications to the math I teach. Your videos are great because in a few minutes time I can have the question WHY answered for many of my students and this leads to great discussion about how math is used in many aspects of life.



I am a homeschool Mom and would like to know how to get a STEM subscription. This sounds like a fantastic way to illustrate how math and science are used in real world situations.

Thank you!





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