Algebra in the Real World DVD

Algebra in the Real World DVD
School Subscriptions

Futures Channel Subscriptions:

When students ask the question “When are we ever going to use this?” you talk about real-world applications of math, science and related subjects. Or you can point to Futures Channel videos and have STEAM professionals enhance this experience. The videos are like field trips and show technical careers in action.

You can use the videos as lesson and discussion openers.

The videos are 3 to 5 minutes long. We offer 140 videos with over 200 lesson plans (4 to 5 activities) each.

A subscription is pennies a day and results in students that are engaged and paying attention. Why? Because you will have answered their primary question, “When are we ever going to use this?”


“With these videos, I can do more than tell students how math is used in the real world. I can show them what it really looks like in action.  These upbeat, creative, and informative videos grab students’ attention, plant a seed, and lay the groundwork for exciting and meaningful applications of mathematics in the classroom. After watching Futures Channel videos, students have a more well-defined purpose and genuine interest in the mathematics they are studying.” J. Knight (Math Teacher) 

School License:


School licenses are based on the number of teachers signing up. The basic school license is priced at $235 and gives access to 5 teachers for 12 months.


Want a quote for additional teachers? Question about using purchase orders?


Write to: 

Or call 818-557-3300 # 2


Individual subscriptions:


Individuals can use a credit card to sign up. Priced at $59 for 12 months:


Sign up online 





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