Algebra in the Real World DVD

Algebra in the Real World DVD
Algebra in the Real World DVD

Algebra in the Real World DVD

Are your students disengaged in your algebra lessons? Do you constantly have to answer questions like “when will I ever need this?” or “Why are we learning this”? Do you need a STEM lesson to fulfill your curriculum requirements? Are you looking for engaging activities and lesson plans aligned to the Common Core State Standards? Algebra in the Real World can help you solve all these problems!

This DVD brings algebra and mathematics into your classroom and makes it come alive in a way that is relevant to middle and high school students like never before. The 18 videos on this DVD show students that math is relevant in careers today, but not “boring”, “stuffy” careers like they imagine. These videos showcase careers such as sports reporter, skateboard designer, windsurf sail designer/tester, and rollercoaster engineer.

Each video has an accompanying lesson plan that requires the students to perform tasks similar to those discussed in the corresponding movie. Students will find themselves analyzing wind data from a wind turbine farm, comparing wind sail designs, and modeling water pressure in an aquarium to name a few activities. Each lesson plan includes teacher directions for easy implementation.

The videos are sorted by both topic and Common Core State Standards. If you need an activity to go with your lesson on functions simply choose one of the 18 videos under the functions category in the lesson plan guide. The videos cover topics such as acceleration, linear functions, slope, equations, variables, and much more. If you need an activity for a certain standard, choose one listed under that standard in the guide. CCSS that are covered range from sixth grade all the way through the high school standards, so there is something for every grade level on this disc!

Stop fighting with your students to keep them engaged in class. Stop spending hours searching for STEM lessons and lesson plans aligned to the standards you are teaching. Start getting your students excited about math class, asking what they’re going to learn about today, and thinking about how they might use math in their future career paths. Let Algebra in the Real World excite and engage your students today!

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