The Futures Channel Releases “The Space Sling.”

Burbank, CA January 29, 2007: It’s been described as “using the techniques of Tarzan” to move things through outer space. It’s reusable and would dramatically reduce the cost of space missions. The Futures Channel takes a look at this innovative idea as a part of its continuing effort to provide youth with access to exciting careers in the fields of science, engineering and technology.

Their newest micro-documentary, “The Space Sling,” features Robert Hoyt of Tethers Unlimited who has developed a tether system to propel spacecrafts into outer space, in turn, creating a reusable, fuel-saving, cost-reducing future for space exploration. As a part of the NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts (NIAC), Hoyt’s space sling is one of several NIAC programs featured on

NIAC’s work to explore revolutionary ways of advancing space exploration has provided The Futures Channel with unique ways to provide students with real world contexts of math and science.

“This was an awesome movie,” said one teacher who wrote in after watching The Space Sling. “I plan to share it with students I know have an interest in science and engineering.” Another teacher wrote, “I’m a Physics and Chemistry teacher. I was so excited to see this video and use it in my classroom. Thank you.”

Since 1999, The Futures Channel has been helping educators make the critical connection between the math and science their students are learning and exciting careers so that students can envision a context for what they are learning. Every month thousands of educators screen Futures Channel movies for hundreds of thousands of students.

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