Algebra in the Real World DVD

Algebra in the Real World DVD
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Futures Channel Kicks Off World Space Week With Videos About Careers in the Space Industry

Ever consider a job searching for water on the Moon? How about a career as a spaceport engineer in the middle of the desert? Or, what if your job involved using advanced computer design software to develop a new type of launch vehicle to carry astronauts out of earth’s “gravity well?”

Video and Tech Collaboration Yields Next Generation STEM Resource for Schools

Chicago-based Defined Learning has teamed up with The Futures Channel, the leading producer of real-world video programs about careers and applications of math and science, to launch a new service for teachers focused specifically on STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

160,000 Students Get Inside Look at the Science and Tech Behind NASA’s Return to the Moon

The Futures Channel released the fifth in its series of micro-documentaries about the science, engineering, technology and people behind NASA’s Ares rockets – the launch vehicles that will ultimately take humans back to the Moon.

Rocket Scientists Ignite Students’ Imagination About Careers in Engineering

Engineers at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center take students behind-the-scenes to see how science, technology, engineering and mathematics play a fundamental role in building the next generation of rockets to take humans to the Moon and Mars.

Reinventing the Wheel… Literally!

A new online documentary from The Futures Channel shows how engineers are using science, math and innovation to make some of the most durable bike wheels on the market.

New Documentary Sheds Light on Space Based Solar Power

The Futures Channel’s new online documentary, “Powering the Planet,” brings high school math and science students up to speed on the energy challenges their generation will face and explores solar power from space as a long-term solution.

Teachers to Curriculum Creators: Give Us the Real World

Survey finds math and science educators are looking for ways to show real world connections and motivate their students–not to raise test scores.

Teachers Turn to The Futures Channel to Make Math and Science Relevant

As the video opens, a suspended bicycle frame lurches and twists as two hydraulic pistons take turns driving a 292-pound load onto simulated pedals. Within sixty seconds, the bike frame has been subjected to nearly 18 tons of stress. The test continues non-stop for 21 hours—unless the frame cracks first.

Futures Channel Shows the Science of Ice Cream at Ciao Bella

It’s science class. Which would you rather do? Learn about viscosity at sub-zero temperature conditions, or visit a company where the head of R & D is developing chocolate jalapeno caramel swirl ice cream? Thanks to video and the Internet, students can do both.

Where is Your Nearest Spaceport?

Whether you’re talking about privately owned and operated rockets to ferry cargo to low earth orbit, or the prepaid customers in line for the opportunity to weightlessly gaze upon Earth from outer space, the “personal spaceflight revolution” will bring a new infrastructure element to our communities: Spaceports.

“If You Can Imagine It, You Can Build It,” Says Toy Designer

In the latest movie from The Futures Channel, Heather Croston and Michael Klitsch take viewers behind the scenes at K’NEX Industries, which makes the popular K’NEX construction toys. Children as young as three use the different sized rods and connectors to build virtually any kind of structure from a race car to a flying dinosaur.

Black-Footed Ferrets: Returning From the Brink of Extinction

In the new online documentary from The Futures Channel, “The Black-Footed Ferret,” wildlife biologists from the US Fish and Wildlife Service explain how they, with the help of many other organizations including the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and the Colorado Division of Wildlife, are making remarkable strides toward saving this endangered species that was once thought to be extinct.

Ford’s Concept Cars Come From Innovation and “Crazy Ideas”

In The Futures Channel’s latest web documentary, Ford takes viewers behind the scenes at their Advanced Design Center and introduces viewers to the team of designers and engineers steering the design of their future vehicles.

New Breed of Architects Specializes in Off-Planet Living

The Futures Channel’s latest micro-documentary, “Space Architecture,” focuses on the challenges space architects from NASA and the University of Houston face in designing habitats for the Moon and Mars.

Electronic Recyclers Help Turn Technology Green

With an estimated 500 million pounds of electronics collecting dust in California’s closets, garages and attics, finding ways to reuse those metals, plastics and chemicals is critical. That’s where John Shegerian’s company, Electronic Recyclers, comes in. The Futures Channel takes viewers inside the largest electronic recycling plant in California in its new online micro-documentary, “Recycling Computers.”

Measuring Martian Meteorites at Houston’s Lunar and Planetary Institute

In the documentary just released on The Futures Channel’s website, “The Surface of Mars,” Dr. Molly McCanta, an experimental petrologist, takes students inside the Lunar and Planetary Institute to show them how her scientific studies of tiny Martian meteorites found on Earth could unlock some of that planet’s mysteries.

The Device Previously Known as the Cell Phone

In “The Shape of Phones,” The Futures Channel provides an inside look at Motorola’s headquarters where industrial design, mechanical engineering and human factors combine to produce that ubiquitous device — the cell phone.

Columbia Sportswear’s Backpacks Designed with Creativity and Math

In the new educational documentary video from The Futures Channel, Columbia Sportswear Designer Chris Araujio explains to students how he combines innovation with design to create backpacks for one of the largest outdoor apparel companies in the world.

Math and Music: Ndugu Chancler Gives Students the Inside Track

World-renowned drummer, Ndugu Chancler, teams up with The Futures Channel to show students the connection between math and rhythm in “The Rhythm Track.”

Inside Easton Sports R&D Lab the Future is Sweet

The latest micro-documentary from The Futures Channel goes behind the scenes at Easton Sports to see how they math, science and high-tech tests to engineer better baseball bats.

Engineering ‘Reliable Robots’ on The Futures Channel

The new micro-documentary, “Reliable Robots,” features NASA robotics engineers using mathematics, engineering, science and technology to build dependable, durable robots for space exploration.

100,000 Computers a Day: Dell Lets Math Students See Where and How

When you’re making 100,000 computers a day, every second counts. Go behind the scenes of the world’s largest computer company to see how they keep their production lines moving.

On The Futures Channel: Wind Energy Powered by Smart Engineers.

In its latest micro-documentary, “Wind Farming,” The Futures Channel takes students behind the scenes with the engineers at one of the country’s largest wind farms.

Life in a Space Capsule: Every Cubic Centimeter Counts.

NASA is planning to send humans back to the Moon in 2018, but they’re already working on the spacecraft to get them there. In the latest Futures Channel micro-documentary, NASA Aerospace and Industrial Engineer Robert Howard takes viewers inside the Habitability Design Center at Johnson Space Center for a look at the new Orion space capsule.

America’s Teaching Zoo: Students Say Work is Tough but Worth It.

A Futures Channel documentary about the students who are taking their love for animals to the next level at “America’s Teaching Zoo.”

Three Million Roses Make Him Everyone’s Valentine.

The Futures Channel releases “Flowers by the Millions,” a behind-the-scenes look at the Los Angeles Flower Market and Mayesh Wholesale Florists.

Skateboard Pioneer Uses Science and Math to Give His Boards “Pop” on The Futures Channel.

Santa Cruz Skateboards designer, Tim Piumarta, takes viewers behind the scenes to show how, for the last 30 years, he has used mathematics and science to design, build and test best selling skateboards and skateboard components.

The Futures Channel Releases “The Space Sling.”

The Futures Channel’s newest movie, “The Space Sling,” takes viewers behind-the-scenes of one remarkable idea that could change the future of space exploration. “The Space Sling” joins the library of movies available on that provide youth with access to exciting careers in science, engineering and technology so that they can envision a context for what they are learning.


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