Algebra in the Real World DVD

Algebra in the Real World DVD
Kay Toliver Classroom Lessons

The Apartment

Using the concepts of area and square unit, students get to design their own apartment. Watch Kay Toliver deliver a portion of the Length and Area Activity in her own classroom.
Running time 3:21 minutes.

Candy Graphs

Figuring out how many pieces of candy are in a large jar calls for some tasty data collection and analysis.
Running time 2:32 minutes.

Teacher Talk

Teacher Talk is a series of four programs that cut through conflicting information to give you real-world actionable tools. Something that you can use in your next math class. It leaves behind theories and gets down to what works in a classroom. Click on image to see what this is all about.

Green Thumbs

Math and science converge as the students of Miss Toliver’s class discover some of the variables involved in growing plants.
Running time 4:52 minutes.

Mix and Match

Choosing an outfit can be an exercise in applying the counting principle.Concepts of probability and outcome are covered.
Running time 2:23 minutes.


Students construct polyhedrons from polygons.

Running time 2:35 minutes.

Popcorn Drop

This statistics activity is based on a game in which the pieces can be eaten.
Running time 3:10 minutes.

The Tinkertoy Derby

A “tinkertoy derby” offers a tool to help bring the concepts of distance, time and speed to life.
Running time 2:09 minutes.

Triangles in Architecture

Why is the triangle such a prevalent shape in the design of bridges? Geometric figures are constructed then tested for rigidity and the answer becomes quite clear.
Running time 2:32 minutes.

The Eddie Files

Aunt Rosa’s dog, Hector, displays true talent when he is cast for a commercial by an eccentric Italian director. The biggest surprise is the amount of math used by people who design and make television and movie sets.
Running time 22:00 minutes.


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