Algebra in the Real World DVD

Algebra in the Real World DVD
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Energizing Art Education

In a time when economic strength depends upon innovation and creativity, the wholesale elimination of arts education programs is a short term solution that could have a long range impact. In the meantime, the Internet offers some cost-effective ways to bring the arts back to the classroom.

The Challenges of Civic Engagement in the 21st Century

The American public has become increasingly estranged from the culture and process of government at all levels. Evidence of America’s disengagement can be found at the polls – with over half of eligible citizens declining to use their right to vote.

The Stockholm Challenge

Information technology seems to have proven its ability to serve the interests of business and education communities, but what about improving society? Learn about some remarkable efforts in that direction and how they are being recognized.

Rebirth of the Small Town

Towns and small cities that thrived and died in the Industrial Age are being reborn in the Information Age. Many state governments have launched efforts to attract information technology companies to rural areas that no longer have an economic base.

Virtual High Schools

No bell ever rings. Classes never end, and they run seven days a week. Though this might sound like a high school student’s worst nightmare, virtual high schools offer students the freedom to study when they like–and to access courses that might not otherwise be available.

The Internet and Security

As access to the Internet has spread, governments in some parts of the world have acted to restrict citizen access to certain kinds of information. Will concerns about terrorism cause governments in the West to rethink their policies about what can be posted or viewed on the Internet?

Satellites to the Rescue

Sometimes it’s necessary to take a step back to get a good picture of a problem. Satellites take this concept to new heights, routinely providing governments with information that can help do everything from unsticking traffic jams to controlling the outbreak of a disease.

Government Sites for Children

From video portraits of Alaskan wildlife to a no-nonsense briefing on the consequences of driving under the influence, state Web sites are increasingly posting material directed at younger citizens. Discover some of the most interesting and innovative offerings.

Measuring Disaster

Measurements that were once unthinkable are readily available in the digital age. In the aftermath of the Sept 11 attacks, officials in New York city used sophisticated new technologies to gauge the stability of buildings in the vicinity of ground zero.

Wired Angels in New York

The familiar tools for management of a disaster are things like heavy equipment, medicines, ambulances, fire trucks and police cars. The catastrophic events of September 11 turned up some new tools in this emergency arsenal – electronic tools that are critical to disaster response systems.

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