Three Million Roses Make Him Everyone’s Valentine.

Burbank, CA February 12, 2007: You buy a dozen roses – he buys three million. Plus 1,250 sunflowers, 4,000 irises, and 5,000 calla lilies. In fact, he buys more than 100 million flowers a year. His biggest week? You guessed it, the week of Valentine’s Day.

In their latest movie, “Flowers by the Millions,” The Futures Channel takes viewers behind the scenes at the Los Angeles Flower Market with Pat Dahlson, President and CEO of Mayesh Wholesale Florists, to see one of the world’s biggest wholesale flower companies in action and discover how they use addition, subtraction, statistics and variables to stay ahead in an industry that deals in large numbers.

While most people are fast asleep, Dahlson and his team are just starting their day. “We open our doors at 10:00 pm the night before. Flowers come in from all over the world,” he says, “Then our customers start coming in to pick up flowers at approximately 4:00 am.” On any given day, Mayesh has approximately 300 different varieties of flowers from 15 different countries, which add up to between two to three million stems sold every week. During the week of Valentine’s Day, Mayesh will sell nearly 3 million stems of roses alone.

As a resource for educators across the country, provides educators with examples of how professionals use math and science to solve real world problems. “The Futures Channel’s content is unparalleled when it comes to connecting classroom concepts to the real world of careers and achievement,” notes Anna Park of Viva Technology education programs. “It brings the curriculum to life, it’s tied to standards and it engages students. We’ve tested it in our training programs and the response from teachers and students is phenomenal.”

For Dahlson, the flower business has been his passion since he was young. “You get a chance to see beauty every day. You sometimes can forget about it, because it’s not easy every day getting up early in the morning and working. But you know what? There’s beauty around us at all times, and flowers create joy in the world, so, yeah, it’s a lot of fun.”



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