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Algebra In The Real World DVD With Lesson Plans

Algebra in the Real WorldThe short movies from this DVD will inspire and motivate your students. These movies give a purpose for studying Algebra and related concepts. Show your students the excitement, the power, the range and the results of the applications of algebra in fascinating career fields. DVD comes with 18 popular movies and downloadable lesson plans.

Here is what a math teacher has to say about these movies:

“As a math teacher, one of the most common questions I get from my students is, “When are we ever going to use this stuff in real life?” I have found that a great way to answer this question is through the Future Channel videos, which are excellent at bridging the gaps between math concepts learned in the classroom and their real world applications. These videos are short, so I can quickly show one during a class period without it interfering with instructional time. Additionally, the lesson worksheets that accompany the videos provide an extra resource that helps reinforce the concepts and relate them to various real life topics. The best part of the Future Channel videos is that my students pay attention throughout the entire duration, and this engagement naturally leads to a class discussion about how the videos relate to the concepts I am teaching.” D.C.

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